Here Are The Ashtanga Yoga Benefits Before You Start Yoga

Yoga comes with innumerous benefits which make you difficult to choose which one to go. One of the known Yoga is Ashtanga Yoga. This yoga consisted of amalgamation of mental and physical balance on one hand and emotional and spiritual balance on other hand. Ashtanga yoga benefits are many but before coming to that part, you must know the eight spiritual practices followed in Ashtanga yoga:

  1. Yama or moral codes

  2. Niyama or self-purification

  3. Asana or posture

  4. Pranayama or breath

  5. Pratyahara or sense control

  6. Dharana or focus

  7. Dhyana or meditation

  8. Samadhi or absorption into the Universal

Add Ashtanga Yoga in your life for healthier as well as happier life.

Poses for Ashtanga Yoga: Ashtanaga Yoga does not comprises of particular asana but follows certain strict poses are followed for strict results. Ashtanga Yoga demands strict routine which is why it is unique in its own way. Every pose that you do is followed with the next one and so on. Usually, Ashtanga starts with Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskara which involves 6 poses. Then appear 4 series which might be difficult and lastly the finishing poses. For best results, make sure that postures are done correctly. Also ensure that no injuries are caused.

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Ashtanga Yoga Benefits mentioned below:

Physical Advanatges: Ashtanaga yoga makes you calm, peaceful from mind, toned body and proper control over mind. Ashtanga Yoga excel other Yoga forms. Due to weight management and body building strength, it is the choice of many. In addition to this, the fast pose changing means a lot in this yoga which leads to promote stamina and physical endurance. The use of body weight makes the practitioner stronger rather than bulky.

Mental and spiritual advantages: As far as mental and spiritual factors are concerned, Ashtanga Yoga relieves from stress. It swipes away all negative thoughts from mind and brings positive feelings in one’s mind. Practitioner needs to seek one pose after the other, thus he learns to be attentive. Patients suffering from brain issues can gain huge benefits from Ashtanga. For instance, people suffering from lower back caused because of mental tensions may consider performing Ashtanga and get great help.

For overall learning of Ashtanga Yoga, attain help from Yoga training school in India. This platform has changed life of many because yoga teachers here share their comprehensive knowledge about yoga with students.


A Guide To Bikram Yoga For Those Who Are Extremely Interested

Bikram Yoga consisted of 26 groups of asana. These poses help to invigorate body by simply stimulating the glands, nerves, body organs by improving the circulation of oxygen in body. A fortunate way to get all info is via ‘A Guide To Bikram Yoga’ which provide every detail systematically.


Bikram Yoga poses consist of 26 groups of postures (known as Asanas). By doing these yoga poses, one can exercise and invigorate all of the body by stimulating its glands, nerves, and organs and by improving circulation of oxygen throughout the body. Before you do any of these poses, please consider the following:

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26 Poses included in Bikram Yoga:

  1. Half-Moon Pose
  2. Hands-to-Feet Pose
  3. Awkward Pose
  4. Eagle Pose
  5. Standing Head to Knee Pose
  6. Standing Bow, Pulling Pose
  7. Balancing Stick Pose
  8. Standing Separate-Leg Stretching Pose
  9. Triangle Pose
  10. Standing Separate Head to Knee Pose
  11. Tree Pose
  12. Toe Stand Pose
  13. Corpse Pose
  14. Wind Removing Pose
  15. Sit Up Pose
  16. Cobra Pose
  17. Locust Pose
  18. Full Locus Pose
  19. Floor Bow Pose
  20. Fixed Firm Pose
  21. Half Tortoise Pose
  22. Camel Pose
  23. Rabbit Pose
  24. Head to knee pose
  25. Stretching Pose
  26. Spine twisting pose


What other things you ought to know about Bikram Yoga?

  • It is suggested to practice different postures in front of mirror
  • For ease and comfort, use comfortable and high quality Yoga mat
  • Bikram Yoga focus on calm Breathing
  • Newbie may required various weeks or even years to practice prior their bodies become ready for different poses
  • Standing postures will warm up the body and on the other hand floor pose squeeze the body and twist many body parts
  • Keep abdominal muscles engaged while doing twisting pose
  • Make sure for doing these postures at Room temperature for effective results

Where to learn Bikram Yoga from? As Bikram Yoga comprises of 26 different postures so it is suggested to learn under expert guidance. Yoga teacher training school is an established platform from where learning so many postures becomes easier and effective. Yoga gurus teach many postures by taking personal interest in every student. Hundreds of people come up Riskikesh with the aim to learn several sorts of Yoga asana.

About 200 Hour Yoga Training Ashram India

Yoga ashram in Rishikesh or Yoga training centres are many in India are many where 200 hr yoga teacher trainers India provided but you must acquire the best one. Usually those who wanted to pursue their career in Yoga prefer seeking Yoga training classes. If you are planning to learn Yoga for professional needs then you must know inside out of Yoga then only it may produce effective results. You will come across innumerous Yoga ashrams in India but Rishikesh is the hub for this purpose.

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What you expect from About 200 hour yoga training ashram India?

  • Soothe Yoga learning environment: First and foremost expectation is to have a big hall where perfect Yoga setting is maintained. A mild environment, serene sounds of birds can be heard and inner silence can only heard. Students come from busy city life and keenly interested in seeking peaceful atmosphere when they enter into the premises of such ashrams.

  • Yoga Teachers: Second, students expect that teachings must be trained and experienced because yoga trainers/yogis/teachers lay the strong foundation. If they are committed then students automatically transmit sense of commitment in what they are learning from their teachers. Teachers should have power to produce Inner strength and growth in students.

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  • Comfortable Accommodation: Yoga students come from different parts of the world and want to spend a span of so many months comfortably. They want to stay in a quiet and peaceful surroundings. They prefer for ashram with excellent residential facilities with ventilated rooms instilled with all the necessary required things.

Food, Yoga accessories and other such points also considered equally important when considering about 200 hour yoga training ashram India. As far as other important things are concerned, Yoga training classes are inclusive of asana, Pranayama, meditation, Yoga philosophy, anatomy, teaching philosophy, and right diet.

Seek All benefits from Right Yoga Training School: There are many available options from where you can acquire yoga training but the most commendable training is rendered at Rishikesh Yoga Prakash. For more info about 200 hour yoga training ashram India, catch the glimpse of all details from main website. It contains answers to all the possible queries you wanted to know about, commuting ways, yoga accessories required while doing Yoga and so on.

How to Strengthen Your Back With Yoga? Find Out Apt Yoga Postures Now!

Back pain is caused when person sits in the same posture for longer. Sometimes, it is weak muscles that cause back pain. Other times, it is back injury which is one of the reasons for severe and unsusceptible pain in the back. A strong and flexible back is basic requirement for health and comfort. Let not hectic lifestyle become main cause for continuous pain. Thus try to fight against pain and resulted discomfort via Yoga. To remove back pain, practice Yoga, as it has power to transform life. How to Strengthen Your Back with Yoga? This worth query answered below so that many of the back pain sufferers able to catch info

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How Yoga treats Back pain?

Yoga helps in making you feel better, retain right posture, decrease back pain and make you feel confident. With strong and no back pain, you will start feeling energetic and able to handle daily life challenges with extreme ease. Regular Yoga workout is worth for targeting problematic area in back pain. Start with gentle and flexible muscles for treating pain at the back.

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Target Best Yoga Positions to treat Back pain:

  • Cat Cow Position: Cat Cow position can be executed anytime. You just have to round the spine forward and stretch the back muscles. You can move into active backend and engage the muscles. The posture should be of cow or cat. For attaining more back strength, try out some more Yoga postures.

  • Low Cobra Pose: Knock this Low cobra pose by lifting your hands few millimeters away from the shoulders via back muscles. Ensure not to shrug shoulders upwards towards your ears. This position is helpful for middle and upper back, specifically sacroiliac joint (place where pelvis and spine combines)

Do Safely: The regular yoga implementation will resolve back pain issue completely but follow the postures safely. Stop doing asana as soon as you feel pinching or sharp pain at the back.

Meet World’s Best Yoga Trainer at RYP

If you are unsure about specific asana and wanted to avail Yoga training to treat back pain under experts, then join yoga school in India such as RYP where Yoga experts are always there. Here Yoga gurus teach you several asana so that you can transform yourself completely. They will solve your query How to Strengthen Your Back With Yoga perfectly.